Problem-free handling of cans with a large-area gripper

New "combi-foam" permits handling of complete layers of cans and jars


Until now, workpieces such as cans with all-round raised edges or pull tabs caused considerable problems during automatic handling of complete layers.



Even our large-area grippers could not always handle such products reliably. If, for example, the holes in the sealing mat happen to be positioned on a raised edge of a can, there will be a leak and the cans cannot be gripped safely.


This problem is now a thing of the past!


Schmalz has developed a special "combi-foam" for the large-area gripper systems with which drink cans, fish cans, jars with flat lids, drinking glasses, etc. can be handled safely!


The special sealing mat with smaller holes offers the following benefits:


·      Gripping and lifting of workpieces of many different kinds

·      Variable workpiece dimensions and undefined positioning are no longer a problem

·      One gripper can handle all products

·      The sealing mat also easily compensates for any height variations within the layer to be lifted


The sealing mat has a long service life and excellent wear-resistance. If it does become worn, it can be replaced quickly and cheaply (quick-change foam).


Applications areas:


·      Palletising and depalletising tasks

·      Automated handling of...

o cans with raised edges

o jars with flat lids

o shells (e.g. empty shells for cosmetics)

o drinking glasses

o layer-stable flat materials (e.g. boards and sheets of wood)

o Handling of complete layers with defined or undefined positions


The weight, size and materials of the products affect the holding forces the large-area grippers with the new combi-foam can generate. Due to the many different variables, we cannot specify any "generally valid" values.

We therefore recommend that you carry out gripping and lifting tests with your original products.

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