Pressure switch with teach function

New pressure switches whose switching point can be set by pressing a button!


Small but good - the powerful and robust miniature pressure switch has many clever and practical features..


Utilise these advantages:


è   Push-button setting

The two switching points can be set in seconds by simply pressing the "Teach" button. This can be done while the process is running.

The teach button is recessed in the housing to prevent inadvertent actuation!


è   Super-precise measurement

The electronic pressure sensor operates with excellent switching precision and repeatability.


è   Minimum size

The slim design with a width of only 10 mm permits installation anywhere without problems. With on 6g weight the mass of the switch is virtually negligible.


è   Two digital switching outputs

No additional switching components are needed.


è   Flexible mounting facilities

The small pressure switch requires little space and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. An adapter plate permits rapid mounting!


è   Small but powerful

The small switch is a powerful switching device, capable of switching currents of up to 200 mA. This means that direct control of other components is possible.


The pressure to be measured can also be connected in various ways: with an M5 thread, a plug-in tube (6mm) or via the adapter plate.


Further important details:

·   Pressure range 0 to 10 bar

·   Resists overpressures of up to 15 bar

·   Wide range of variants - the modular system permits optimal matching to any desired application

·   Operating temperature range 0 to 60 °C

·   Protection IP 40

·   Electrical connection by male connection M8, 4-pole


Application areas:

·   Electronic safety monitoring, optimisation of cycle times, energy-saving systems

·   Suitable for use as a measuring device and a switch

·   Ideal for use in handling systems with very dynamic movements


Target sectors:

·   CD industry

·   Plastics processing

·   Metal and sheet-metal industry

·   Packing industry

·   Electronics industry

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