Pressure switch with teach function

The brand-new pressures switch Type VS-P10-AH/AV-T-PNP from Millsom Vacuum Components can be used either as a measuring device or a switching element. The pressure switch is designed as an electronic monitoring element for compressed-air systems, regardless of whether the compressed air is used to generate vacuum or to drive pneumatic actuators. It is very compact and light, which means that it has no negative effects on the dynamic operation of a vacuum or handling system. Just the opposite, in fact: due to its small dimensions, low weight, suitability for direct mounting on the consumer and very high switching capacity, the new switch provides effective support for the dynamic operation of handling systems.


However, the highlight of the new pressure switch is its integrated teach function, with which the switching points can be set quickly and accurately at the touch of a button. The innovative pressure switch also has two digital outputs, which means that no additional switching elements or installation materials are needed and that the switch can be installed very quickly. Two separate indicator LEDs permanently show whether the two outputs are active or inactive. Three different types of pneumatic connections are available for flexible and fast installation in compressed-air systems.

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