Precision Industrial Components Releases New Catalogue

Precision Industrial Components (PIC Design) has released its catalogue 45 hot off the press and available for handout, available from CGB Precision Products in an easy to use CD.

PIC manufactures precision mechanical components, miniature clutches and couplings, belt drives and precision hardware.

A lot of new product has been added to most all of the catalogue categories.

Within linear motion PIC has added a line of ball screws and also has incorporated them into linear systems and the upgraded positioning stages.

The belt line now has a tensioner and PIC has upgraded the material on its round belts. PIC now has a range of high capacity spider couplings and it has expanded the flexible-zero backlash line.

PIC already large precision gear offering has grown to include additional pitches and hub options.

Beyond the new items PIC has provided more product information and updated the military and AGMA specifications. PIC has also eliminated a few miscellaneous products such as nylon hardware and machine screws along with a few brakes and clutches.