Practical energy efficiency

Dry-running diaphragm vacuum pump with excellent efficiency


The new dry-running diaphragm pump of the type EVE-TR-M from Millsom Vacuum Components demonstrates that it really is possible to combine low power consumption, economical operation and low wear on the one hand with a very small size, extremely robust technology, very good efficiency and very low service costs on the other hand. With this pump, the vacuum specialist J. Schmalz GmbH in D-72293 Glatten once again sets new standards in the area of vacuum generation and makes the construction of vacuum handling systems easier for the designers, fitters and users of such systems. Designed as a compact unit which, for example, can easily be mounted on the arm of an industrial robot, the dry-running pump can be used for both gripping and blowing off, since it has connectors on the vacuum and pressure sides.


In practical use, a simple air-saving function can be implemented by adding a powerful vacuum switch and a non-return valve. This arrangement ensures that the pump runs only while a workpiece is being gripped and held. At all other times, the pump is idle and consumes no power. The robust diaphragm technology and the strong mechanical design also ensure high process safety in continuous operation, which means that the dry-running diaphragm pump is ideal for use in all branches and also in demanding applications. The new diaphragm pumps EVE-TR-M are very good for handling airtight workpieces and parts with smooth surfaces. They are also the ideal solution for handling devices which operate from 12 V or 24 V rechargeable batteries. The diaphragm pump is very small, only 151 mm long, 134 mm high and 85 mm wide, and weighs only 1,300 grams. It has a suction capacity of 2.3 m3/h and can achieve a maximum vacuum of -780 mbar.

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