Powerful, compact safety controller from Treotham


Wieland’s Samos PRO from Treotham Automation is a powerful and compact safety controller for machine and plant applications.

Utilising 22.5 mm-wide modules, a programmable safety system can be constructed from a total width of just 45mm.

The Samos PRO system consists of the SP-SCON controller with integrated programming/diagnostic interface, gateway, and a series of SP-SDIO or SPSDI I/O modules.

SP-SCON is the controller module with serial interface and exchangeable program memory, and the Gateway is used for bi-directional data communication.

The SP-SDIO expansion module has eight inputs and four outputs, while the SP-SDI has eight inputs. SA-OR-S1 module  is available with 2 x 2 Relay outputs.

A full range of communication gateways Viz. CANopen (SP-CANopen), Devicenet (SP-Devicenet), Profibus(SPProfibus- DP), Ethernet (SP-EN-MOD, Modbus/TCP), Ethernet (SP-EN-IP, TCP/IP) and Ethernet (SP-EN-PN,Profinet) are available.

All these communication gateways are plug and play with Samos PLAN software.

Users can connect a wide variety of safety sensors, and Samos PRO is able to process up to 96 inputs and 48 outputs at the same time.

The system enables extremely short switch-off times of less than 10 milliseconds.

The system is inexpensive as there is almost no wiring work to be done and the fast commissioning possible, with simple integration in Fieldbus systems and industrial Ethernet networks.

Samos PRO satisfies category 4 (EN954-1), Performance Level PL e (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL 3 (EN62061) standards.

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