Powered Gemini

Delivering Workforce Productivity

Equipment is pound to announce the latest innovative product to their
range, the Magliner Powered Gemini Handtruck. 

The powered Gemini improves driver safety, longevity and creates a delivery environment for increasing workforce diversity. 

about 19 times less force needed to start rolling a load than a
non-powered truck the powered Gemini reduces stress and muscle strain,
therefore improves driver wellbeing and safety. 

powered Gemini also increases productivity, by being able to move
larger loads, with fewer trips, delivery time can be reduced by up to

The powered
Gemini will benefit drivers in high volume delivery situations that may
include; inclines, long distances and rough terrains.

features include compact drive motor with easy to use controls, folding
nose which helps keep the largest of loads in place and maintenance
free sealed battery with quick charge system. 

a platform truck the Powered Gemini will take a large load of 450kg and
the unit weight with the batteries is 55kg.  The motor is 1 horsepower
with a maximum speed of 5.5kmh – very efficient!