Power Machinery unleashes another Shark

The MEP Shark 282 NC EVO is a CNC-controlled, electro-hydraulic automatic band saw that can also operate in semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic and manual modes.

The Shark 282 can operate in semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic and manual cycles (for cuts from 45º right to 60º left) and the manual or semi-automatic/dynamic cutting cycles are free of any parameters, allowing easy use for odd cuts.

A number of new features on the 282 include extra protections for operator safety, a console with centralized controls that have been installed on an articulated arm to follow the operator in every operating position, a Fieldbus control system (MODBUS protocol) with double microprocessor with serial connection.

The Shark 282 also comes with an electronic inverter for the infinitely variable band speed from 15 to 100 m/min as well as the latest generation hydraulic control unit, with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Other new standard features include:

  • Bar feeder with recirculating balls screw/nut and stepper motor (feed in length in one stroke 600 mm, that can be repeated in order to cut any length)
  • The headstroke is programmable according to the size of the material, which has to be cut.
  • Electronic transducer to visualize band tension.
  • Automatic adaptive shearing stress control system with servovalve mounted directly on the cylinder. This manages the feed rate automatically according to amps drawn on the motor.
  • Coolant tank inside the steel base with two electric pumps so as to lube-refrigerate band. The drawer to collect chips can be replaced with a motorized chip evacuator.
  • Preset to be equipped with the spray mist system.
  • Mist lubrication is available as an option and is recommended for tube work.
  • Wire chip brush for band cleaning.
  • Bi-metal bands for solids and sections.
  • Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.

“The MEP Shark 282NC Evo really represents the ultimate in versatility when it comes to metal cutting saws, says Ken Christensen, Power Machinery’s Managing Director.

“It not only gives the operator the ability to program multiple lengths on a single piece of material and cut automatically but also still functions as an excellent mitering semi automatic saws for all the one off jobs that come into most shops.”

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