Portamix: the ultimate mixing tool

The mixing and placing of construction compounds has never been so easy and fast.

Cementitious, grouts, screeds, mortar, textured coatings, sealants, self-leveling
compounds, adhesives, epoxys, paints, plasters and other construction materials can be easily, accurately and quickly mixed and placed.

The new Hippo Portamix Mixing Station, from Industrial Air Tools, can increase productivity by up to 40 per cent and decrease labour costs by a third.

The Hippo Portamix has many outstanding features including:

  • Mix up to 80ltrs/130kg or 4-5 bags quickly, efficiently and tidily.
  • Excellent mix consistency
  • Specially shaped canister ensures no unmixed compound remains.
  • Available in two different models both with different power options: Internal Use Model and All Terrain-Exterior model.
  • Power Options: 2 speed 1800W electric model for all building sites and residential applications where standard 240V power is available or 2.2hp air powered model for mixing flammable paints, adhesives, epoxys and grouts.
  • Easy-to-clean canister
  • Easy tilt trolley with purposely-designed counter-balance for accurate and directional screed and compound placement with excellent control.
  • Pre-Tinted Materials (eg textured coatings are easily blended making color lines now obsolete.
  • Ideal for mixing in bulk and dispensing into smaller quantities.
  • OH&S advantages: reduced operator fatigue, no back injuries.
  • Easily operated by one person.

The HIPPO Portamix Mixing Station is available and supported through a large network of Australian distributors.

Industrial Air Tools
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