Polymer Bearings Meet Harsh Tests on Offshore Drilling Platforms

Various technologies in the igus range of iglidur polymer bearings from Treotham Automation are being applied to harsh conditions in the drilling risers on offshore oil and gas platforms.

Extremely cost-effective, the iglidur G polymer plain bearings are
recommended for oscillating movements and offer versatility of use through their high mechanical resistance, general robustness and dirt resistance.

Especially recommended for rotating movements, the iglidur W300 has an especially long service life, very low wear, high dirt resistance, and is
compatible with soft shafts.

Almost universally resistant against chemicals, iglidur X has very low water absorption, high compressive strength, general robustness, and dirt resistance and is suitable for operating temperatures up to 250°C.

With an extremely low friction coefficient and a wear capacity up to 5 MPa, the iglidur J dampens vibration, has low water absorption, and good chemical resistance.

The igus iglidur range of polymer plain bearings offers versatility, longevity, high temperature tolerance, low friction and strength.