Polishing stainless steel has never been easier

Abrasive expert Suhner has launched a new offset polisher to add to its impressive range of hand tools for polishing stainless steel and aluminium.

UPK 5R is the new updated version of the well-known UPK 4R, which has a strong reputation in polishing stainless steel flat bar and sheet.

UPK 5R offers 1530W of power but with only 3kg in weight.

It can now handle up to 125mm diameter belt drums or abrasives with a unique adjustable guard/handle.

Importantly, UPK 5R is equipped with variable speed from 1800 to 4000rpm to ensure the correct finish is always achieved.

Suhner UPK 5R is the ideal tool for flat bar and sheet finishing.

Suhner’s range of expanding drums, belts and finishing wheels are ideally suited for polishing stainless steel and aluminium, with a broad selection of abrasives on offer.

Suhner vast range of hand tools are designed to reduce the time and number of stages to finish your polishing application.

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