Pneumo-Power is a breath of fresh air

Metal Work Pneumatic, Italy’s leading pneumatics supplier, has created a unique product that can reduce the environmental impact of using compressed air.

Pneumo-Power is an innovative product that incorporates an electric generator powered either by exhaust air (reduced environmental impact) or a compressed air supply to create 24 VDC locally where wiring maybe costly or impractical to install.

In Industry, compressed air is available virtually everywhere. It is a huge source of clean, conveyable and non-flammable energy that can now be used to power PLC’s, PC’s, cameras, lighting and sensors where electrical wiring does not exist.

The voltage output remains constant irrespective of changes in input pressure between 3 and 7 bar and an easy to read light displays the status of the module.

With the next version Pneumo-Wireless coming soon will communicate wirelessly through Bluetooth with inputs and outputs built into the module.

A self-contained electric generator with input and output communication facilities that just needs air to operate.

Metal Work Pneumatic
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