Pneumatic scissor lift for hazardous areas

A pharmaceutical manufacturer recently approached Optimum Handling Solutions to find a handling solution for a dispatch load out section within an intrinsically safe area of their operation.

The new Pal-Air scissor lift that uses a pneumatic airbag to lift or lower a pallet to assist the manual loading or unloading of the product was the ideal choice.

As a load weight increases the Pal-Air gradually lowers to maintain an ideal working height. This substantially reduces the possibility of injuries caused through bending and stretching.

The load capacity of the Pal-Air is infinitely variable – between about 500-1500 and can be adjusted in seconds.

The scissor lift is fitted with a pressure gauge that shows the operator the current load capacity.

The Pal-Air is ideally suited to hazardous applications within intrinsically safe areas with varied load capacity requirements.

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