Pneumatic magnetic drill

The Air 52 is intended for work in explosion-hazardous environments such as offshore, petro-chemical industry, oil and gas extraction, power stations, ship building and marine industry. The dual air-powered motor system is spark-free and has a safe permanent magnet system.

Aldan Tool has extended its range of magnetic based drills with Euroboor to compliment the existing range of BDS Magnetic Based Drills. Aldan Tool can accommodate almost any requirement with stock items, in all price ranges and specifications.  

Broach cutters/core drills are available from stock and to order for most tasks.

Aldan Tool has also extended its range of punch and die sets to suit a larger range of ironworkers. New machines on the market such as Pacific, Punchtech, Madison, Steelmaster, Sahinler, Fabtech and more have been included to a large range of existing machines.