A Plus plastics is leading the way

Innovation the key to success in tough times

The plastics industry was hit particularly hard during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) with many companies struggling to stay afloat.

However one Australian Company has managed to buck the trend and stay on the front foot when the going gets tough.

A Plus Plastics Pty Ltd is a contract injection moulding company that also has its own range of industrial standard materials handling crates and associated products.

Over the past 18 months they have launched a number of innovative products to complement their existing range.

A Plus Plastics’ new and unique products include:

A 68L tamper proof security crate

This crate was originally made for the relocation industry (both corporate and residential relocation).

It has also become extremely popular in the document storage industry area for the likes of banks, insurance firms and law firms. In fact, this kind crate is quickly replacing the cardboard box.

The security crate is also widely used in warehousing and distribution centres as a picking bin.

Enviro Skate Range
This is a terrific way to move around Australia’s industry standard materials handling crates.

The Enviro Skate range is tailor-made to suit each crate. Crates are available with either zinc plated castors or in a stainless steel “bearing-less” castors version.

Two brakes are standard with these crates.

Also, they can be stacked when not in use.

The entire Enviro Skate range manufactured from recycled plastic and is also certified by GECA.

This range is not only environmentally friendly, it helps to prevent back injuries in the workplace.

Enviro Crate Range
This environmentally friendly 100 per cent recycled and 100 per cent recyclable range of crates has been the preferred choice recently for companies looking to go greener, but also to reduce storage costs.

All Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified and of the highest standards available to ensure quality is not sacrificed.

Innovation and flexibility are the key
This exciting new range of products combined with a solid increase in contract moulding injection moulded work has allowed A Plus Plastics Pty Ltd and its distributors to lead the way in the plastics industry.

Based in Sydney, this privately owned Australian business has more than 40 years’ experience in the plastics industry.

A Plus Plastics’ capabilities are extensive, extending all the way down to small plastic components.

The company also boasts its own tool room, with numerous abilities in plastic product design and tool manufacturing.

A Plus Plastics currently manufactures an extensive range of products, including plastic computer components, point of sale products, plastic agricultural and materials handling products to suit a variety of industries and applications.

A Plus Plastics Pty Ltd
Ph: 02 9603 2088