Plastic Bin Tippers

Forward bin tipper

Suitable for swift and controlled emptying of containers. Suitable safety guarding is not included but will be required, to comply with Australian standards. Suitable for placement of boxes into the tipper by a forklift and available in galvanised or stainless steel construction.

A 240V power pack is supplied complete with raise and lower buttons, emergency stop and electrical lockout. Standard safety valves are fitted to the hydraulic circuit. This Materials Handling unit is custom engineered to suit the specification required.

Forklift mounted cubic bin tipper

  • Easy to operate
  • Quick and easy attachment and removal from forklift
  • Non permanent
  • Requires only one auxiliary hydraulic valve
  • Attachment does not block view of the driver
  • Fast, smooth easily controlled hydraulic action
  • Suits most cubic bins, wooden or plastic
  • Extends bin life because of the gentle handling
  • Fitted with safety catch to prevent loss of bin