Planetary gearboxes are out of this world

Machine builders often use gearboxes to maximize power transfer from high-speed
electric motors to the driven system.

Ideally, the gearbox should be an “invisible” extension to the motor that faithfully and rigidly reproduces motor shaft movement, takes little space, transfers most of the energy, needs little maintenance and provides long operating life.

This is particularly important for highly dynamic, high speed, precision machines used in production.

When selecting gearboxes within these constrains it is hard to ignore the planetary design. The time proven configuration consisting of a central “sun” gear encircled by several “planet” gears offers numerous advantages over most alternatives.

Planetary gearboxes are among the most effective and compact mechanical power transmission devices available, capable of high speed operation and near zero backlash.

These advantages translate into cost and space savings for users and machine builders. Highly efficient gearboxes provide significant energy savings.

Machine builders can design smaller and lighter machines compared to the use of alternative reduction methods.

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