PILZ provides one system for all automation functions

Groundbreaking software platform reduces workload

For manufacturers and operators of plant and machinery the key words are availability, productivity and flexibility they are the driving force behind the search for the best solutions.

Modularisation and decentralisation of control functionalities is the way of the future and the route that Pilz is taking with its new automation system the PSS4000.

This innovative new system is designed to cover all automation functions: from machine control to safety technology and beyond to motion control, diagnostics and visualisation.

Frank Schrever, managing director, Pilz Australia recently launched this latest addition to the PILZ product line to a packed audience of media and industry guests in Melbourne.

A new state-of-the-art software platform branded as PAS4000 enables users to reduce the cost and labour of engineering by retaining a centralised perspective, even of decentralised, distributed control structures and provide them with a tool which enables applications to be created more simply and with greater flexibility.

With the PSS4000 Pilz has designed as an automation system suitable for mechanical engineering and manufacturing industries alike.

It’s a system that’s easy to operate and takes into account customers’ demands for complete solutions, which include safety and standard control technology and the requirements for safety of man and machine from the outset.

While the principle of modularisation and reusability of existing engineering services is already used successfully in mechanics and on components close to the hardware level, there are still some shortcomings when it comes to control technology.

The solutions that are currently offered to divide functions and network multiple control systems involve a much higher level of complexity for users. Because of this it’s important for networking to be designed as simply as possible and to avoid interface problems right from the start.

The problems currently experienced when connecting multiple control systems are consigned to the past. With the PSS4000 the typically mechatronic modular approach can now be applied equally to the programming of standard and safety functions.

Programming on the PAS4000 is based on proven languages in accordance with IEC 61131-3 and all the software platform tools for programming and parameter setting functions are fully compatible with standard data and user interfaces. Not only does this make it easier to start working with or upgrade to the PSS4000, it also means that multiple entries can be avoided, minimising the error sources which are often associated with manual data entry. As a result it is possible to reduce engineering costs and amend the software with relative ease.

With the PSS4000 Pilz sets another milestone in automation. Development focused on user-friendliness, high flexibility and universal support for the user during the whole engineering process.

The automation system PSS4000 is a genuine alternative to existing solutions: Pilz has used its safety expertise and application knowledge to simplify the decentralisation of control functionalities and reduce engineering.

With the PSS4000, automation functions in the areas of safety and standard can be easily implemented across a whole range of industries – from a small machine to interlinked machinery, right through to large-scale plants.

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