Picking up tubing no longer a pipe dream

Bundled pipe and tube is usually more difficult to lift with magnets than is heavy steel plate.

This is because tube and pipe is typically thin-walled and does not present a good, thick target for a magnetic field.

However, Tecnomagnete has an answer.

Using their EM Permanent-Electro Modules, specifically designed for bundled, thin-walled steel, it’s now possible to lift loads of up to eight tonnes.

And unlike conventional electromagnetic lifters, permanent-electro technology is very energy-conscious, using electric power only during the energise and de-energise actions.

Permanent-electro technology from Tecnomagnete employs a patented “neutral crown” system that ensures all the lifting power is focussed at the face of the multiple magnet elements.

Represented in Australia by magnetic specialists Serpent and Dove Pty Ltd, Tecnomagnete offers a large range of magnetic lifting alternatives to suit steel handling challenges from large or small plate and sheet to blocks, billets, beams, coils, tubes and pipe.

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