PIAB unveils new control unit


PIAB, an innovator in vacuum technology, has released a new control unit for vacuum pumps P3010 and P6010 with patented COAX technology.

The CU module has integrated, electrically controlled on/off and blow-off valves.

The powerful and adjustable blow-off provides efficient cleaning of pipes and filters whilst also ensuring release of remote cups in large systems.

A special cable with LED is also available to provide visual indicators, helping operators see the status of their system.

The CU function module is suitable for “leaking” applications where products are handled in an automated process.

The CU function is needed in a variety of applications including packaging machines, such as carton erectors, or as decentralized units in printing presses and post-press machines. In these applications blow-off will be necessary to clean pipes, filters or surfaces from dust.

PIAB Vacuum Technologies Pty Ltd