PIAB’s new lightweight suction solution

PIAB, the innovators in vacuum technology have developed a new BL30-4 suction cup – the smallest in the BL40-4 family of suction cups, specially designed for bag-handling.
BL30-4 is intended mainly for handling lightweight products where high application
speed is required.

The BL30-4P is a suction cup featuring long and flexible bellows and a long and thin lip.

Top loading of bags and food can often be a challenge. Bag surfaces are often
uneven and food products are in most cases porous or have rough surfaces. These
characteristics cause dropped products and bad gripping conditions in the production,
even if the handled product is lightweight.

The BL30-4 is designed specifically to meet these difficulties.

The long bellow, the high-flow fitting and the thin and long lip make BL30-4 flexible and sealable, which ensures a secure grip.

PIAB Vacuum Technologies Pty Ltd