Perfect protection for hand-held control units

The new protective sleeves for Demag control units offer effective protection against chemicals and abrasive materials.

As well as providing protection for its hand-held radio transmitters, Demag now supplies this solution for its DSE 10 control unit range.

The exact fit afforded by the protective sleeves and the elastic strength of the material used ensure that ease of operation is fully maintained. This includes the variable movement that enables the inverter-fed hoist units to be controlled smoothly and precisely – even at low speeds.

The new covers are ideal when loads are handled in environments with chemical substances such as cutting oil and solvents or when abrasive materials are used.

Even if the DSE range features IP 65 enclosure and the housings are resistant to oil, grease and lye, a negative impact on the button surfaces cannot be ruled out.

Consequently, the printed symbols may become illegible. The protective sleeve minimises any possible wear of the rubber caps.

DSE control pendant switches can be provided with optimum protection by combining them with further safety elements, such as the elastic bumper and the proven crash bar.

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