Perfect packaging solution from Pilz

French company says ‘oui’ to new groundbreaking technology

Whether it’s a pudding in a glass, with or without outer packaging, fresh herbs in a plastic tray, or the spoon in an ice cream tub – different products require different packaging solutions.

French company Euro Cri, based in Coulommiers, has been developing and building
packaging machinery for more than 20 years – from standalone modules through to complete packaging lines.

They also upgrade packaging machinery. The emphasis is on packaging machines for end products. And development at the French packaging line manufacturer focuses on the productivity of each individual machine.

The Dynamic Stocker accumulator made by Euro Cri converts an irregular product flow at the output of a production machine into a regular flow, as found when packaging foodstuffs like biscuits, surimi or chocolate. That’s before the products reach the packaging machine – a horizontal flow-packer.

The accumulator gathers the unpackaged products as they arrive and creates a “buffer store”, which can be regulated according to the change in the material flow.

The accumulator, which was integrated into an existing packaging line, was developed
and built by Euro Cri in close co-operation with Strasbourg-based Pilz France Electronic, the French subsidiary of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart.

The greatest challenge was to arrange the packaging process so that it was 100 per cent synchronous with the rhythm of the existing horizontal flow-packer.

Euro Cri opted for a Pilz motion control solution (PMC), which enables precise synchronisation of the respective motion processes.

As a supplier of complete automation solutions, Pilz France supported the French
packaging line manufacturer from the planning and development stage right through to implementation and commissioning on-site at the customer’s premises.

The Dynamic Stocker has been developed to meet the customer’s specific requirements: the engineering process was focused on performance optimisation and the reduction of implementation costs.

The central element of the motion control solution is the controller-based control system PMCprimo 16+, which performs the complex motion and control functions.

Used in conjunction with the servo amplifiers PMCtendo DD and the servo motors PMCtendo AC, the result is a drive solution which can react flexibly to different format specifications and can be used to implement high cycle counts with ease.

The packaging process can be monitored and regulated using PMIvisu operator terminals. The motion curves relevant for the cycle are calculated in the simplest way possible: the operator simply enters the set data on the operator terminal – the packaging length and the position of the section to be embossed, etc – and the system automatically calculates the motion profile for runtime.

Any adjustments for “new” products are made via the operator terminal, whereby the material flow control system reliably fulfils all requirements regarding the different product types. The display can be used not only to select recipes but also to view precise, clear error messages. The cause of the error always appears first; at the touch of a button the operator then receives specific instructions on how to rectify the error.

Safety-related functions such as emergency stop, emergency off, or safety gate monitoring on the Dynamic Stocker are reliably monitored via the compact safety relay PNOZsigma.

Non-contact magnetic safety switches PSENmag are used for safety gate monitoring.

These meet the very highest hygiene requirements and provide simple protection against defeat in accordance with VDE 0660.

The PSENmag safety switch was incorporated into the overall solution to ensure that the packaging process is not interrupted unnecessarily.

It is suitable for the very highest hygiene requirements and provides one hundred per cent protection against defeat.

The first machines are being used successfully, while other projects are already being planned.

“With Pilz we have gained a competent partner in the automation industry. We will continue to work with them in the future to develop leading-edge packaging systems for our customers,” says Mathieu Carie, Head of Automation at Euro Cri.

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