The perfect combination from TEA

A combined or combination bearing incorporates an axial bearing within the body of a radial bearing.

The main body, which is the radial bearing, has been manufactured with an axial hole cut out in the centre to insert the axial bearing, which protrudes slightly.

The result is a bearing that is capable of withstanding very high axial and radial loads.

The combined bearings, from TEA Transmissions, are available in either a fixed or an adjustable configuration.

The adjustable version allows for preloaded accuracy and stable carriage travel.

All bearings feature a welding bolt for economical mounting, or are available pre-welded to flange plates that may be bolted directly to a system.

Other variations available are High Precision Bearings, High Temperature Vulkollan Coated Bearings, Jumbo Bearings, Oilamid Insert Bearing (Self Lubricating) and Stainless Steel Bearings.

A standard range of U or I profiles are available to suit all sizes of bearings and are produced from high quality steel or stainless steel and are available in lengths up to 12m upon request.

This system is easy to mount, align and use! High radial and axial load capacities  ensure a long and productive life, making this system perfect for custom lifts, forklifts and heavy load applications in the aerospace, paper, steel and coil industries.

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