PEEK Super Air Nozzles Are Non-Marring

EXAIR's new PEEK Super Air Nozzles™ deliver strong blowing force while providing
non-marring protection should the air nozzle come in contact with other surfaces.  The engineered thermoplastic construction offers excellent resistance to chemicals, fatigue, and temperatures up to 160°C.  Applications include part drying, machinery and parts cleaning, chip removal, part ejection, liquid blowoff, and cooling hot parts.
The PEEK Super Air Nozzles provide high air amplification and strong blowing force.  At
80 PSIG, the sound level is under 76 dBA which meets OSHA noise requirement 29 CFR 1910.95(a).  Safe operation is assured since the airflow cannot be blocked as required by OSHA standard
29 CFR 1910.242(b).  Installation of these engineered air nozzles qualify for energy provider rebates (USA).

The Model 1110-PEEK Nano Super Air Nozzle with an M6 x 0.75 inlet measures only 20mm in length, has a diameter of 6mm, an air consumption of 8.3 SCFM, and produces 230 grams of blowing force.  The Model 1102-PEEK Super Air Nozzle has a ⅛” inlet, measures 30mm in length, has an air consumption of 10 SCFM, and produces 255 grams of blowing force.  The Model 1100-PEEK Super Air Nozzle has a ¼” inlet, measures 44mm in length, has an air consumption of 14 SCFM, and produces 368 grams of blowing force.

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