PCS heavy duty range of machines from Profile Cutting Systems

The PCS heavy duty range from Profile Cutting Systems consists of full portal design machines, where the plates to be cut are placed in between the rails. The machine carriage is of welded construction with a transverse box beam section and heavy box shaped side supports, which run on rail surfaces lower than the cutting table.

The main longitudinal drive wheels are mounted on the precision machined side rail. A motorised carriage drives a steel band for the transverse movement of the slave carriage. This machine is suitable for both standard and precision plasma systems, typically using Hypertherm, Innerlogic and Thermal Dynamics plasma systems.

Features of the PCS heavy duty range include:


Effective cutting width: 3.0 - 7.5m
Effective cutting length: -1200mm from total rail length
Torch carriages: Up to 6


Profiling speed: Up to 25.4m/min (1000"/min)
Traverse speed: Up to 25.4m/min (1000"/min)
Acceleration: 1m/sec2
Machine accuracy (on axis): .05mm (.002") (subject to material consistency and temperature stability)
Repeatability: .05mm (.002") (subject to material consistency and temperature stability)

Cutting thickness capacity for gas cutting:

Single torch up to 250mm (10")
2 torches up to 200mm (8")
3 torches up to 150mm (6")
4 torches up to 100mm (4")
5 torches up to 50mm (2")
6 torches up to 40mm (1.5")

Drive System:

Longitudinal axis: Dual 7Nm AC servo motors, integrated with custom built oil filled precision gearboxes, combined with constant torque rack loading
Transverse: Single 4Nm AC servo motor with precision planetary gearbox, running on THK rack rail linear bearing surface
Cnc control, as shown above: Burny 10 LCD integrated workstation with platform, seat and Burny 10 LCD CNC controller

Rail Construction:

Rails: Rigid low profile design
Rigid box section: K1045 fully killed carbon steel rail section CP10 rack for rigidity, maximum acceleration dual side drive