Palletising in a Spinning Mill

Company Profile:

Rocklea Spinning Mill is one of Australia's biggest cotton processors


Cotton cheeses were off loaded at the end of the spinning lines and loaded onto pallets. The area was not accessible to forklifts so they required a palletising solution suitable for use with hand pallet trucks.

The Problem:

Palletising of the cheeses had long been a manual process but recurrent injuries had rendered this activity inappropriate and an ergonomically acceptable solution was needed.

Product Chosen:

A Safetech scissor lift table with a built in Paldisc turntable. This provided elevation and lowering of the load as well as easy rotation.

Benefits of this Product:

  • Following the installation of the lift table the productivity on the line increased and the process was easily performed by more of the mill operators.
  • Operators were no longer exposed to a high risk of back injury.


  • Palift. This would have been an ideal solution if the area had been accessible to forklift trucks.
  • An automated conveyor system was also considered but was too expensive.