Pallet Segregation with Optimum Handling Solutions Double Pallet Dispenser

Optimum Handling Solutions has released a double pallet dispenser which can dispense two pallets at once, as per normal double pallet dispensers, but can also operate as two single pallet dispensers, making it ideal for segregation of pallets from different pallet suppliers.

Simple controls enable two pallets to be dispensed in-line, ready to be picked up by a double length pallet mover, common practise in large distribution centres.
Alternatively, small, medium and large companies can benefit from the double pallet dispenser in single pallet mode, easily dispensing or accumulating different brand pallets on opposite ends of the pallet dispenser.

The two bays of the pallet dispenser can be colour coded to ensure that operators can quickly and efficiently place pallets in the correct stack.
Capacities of up to 25 pallets per stack (total of 50 pallets per double stack) are available in standard configuration.
Larger pallet cassettes are available.

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