Pal -veyor Conveying System

The Pal – veyor ® from Optimum Handling Solutions is the most versatile modular conveying system that allows a basic conveyor layout to be expanded to with standardised and inter changeable components to extend or upgrade the initial design.

This flexibility provides the opportunity to easily expand your conveying system as requirements and production increases, without the high costs normally associated with specialised conveyor systems.

Pal – veyor ®  standard  or specialised modules can be added at any time to vary or expand your existing configuration.

Pal – veyor ® standard modules are

· Conveyor Sections of 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5m lengths

· Electric Drive Module – can be added anywhere within the Pal – veyor ® system

· Transfer Module – Multi directional unit that fits anywhere within the Pal – veyor ® for diverging, merging and accumulation

Pal – veyor ® Specialised options are

· Pallet dispenser module for dispensing and accumulation of pallets

· Pallet wrapping module for in line pallet wrapping

· Pallet inverter module for in line pallet retrieval/inverting

· Robotic palletising and de-palletising

· Pallet elevator / lowerator – for pallet dispersal/storage

The Pal – veyor ® conveying system from Optimum Handling Solutions is an “off the shelf” product  that can be supplied and installed without the excessive costs involved with “one off” design engineered systems.

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