PAL-Turn makes light work of heavy loads

Turning/rotating heavy and/or bulky loads can be difficult and dangerous.

PAL-Turn® load rotator from Materials Handling now makes this previously arduous
task safe and easy.

PAL-Turn® Load Rotator is an ingenious product rotator with load straps or load chains, driven/rotated by a gear-motor.

Pulleys may be fixed or adjustable on the whole length of the tube.

Just hang the Pal-turn® from the appropriate crane or hoist and you are up and rotating.

The PAL-Turn® Load Turner is available from 1 up to more than 45 tonnes, as a single unit or a dual strap unit.

PAL-Turn® is the solution for reliable and maintenance-free operation in many industrial applications including foundries, mechanical construction, railway workshops, repair workshops, civil engineering, construction, boat building, industrial servicing and concrete or marble industries.

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