Pal-evator gives packaging industry a lift

Optimum Handling Solutions’ Pal-evators has provided the perfect solution to solve a materials handling issue for a prominent packaging and paper supplier.

Previously, workers at the company had to bend, reach and twist when stacking boxes of paper and packaging materials for dispatch.

Conveyors were used to bring various boxes of paper weighing up to 15kg each into the dispatch area, where the sorting of each box type on to pallets was done manually, a forklift would then load the pallets onto transport.

A trial of Pal-evator scissor lifts was suggested to determine the manual handling advantage. The benefit was obvious. Production rose and the work environment improved following a reduction in fatigue and injury due to the reduced effort required at the dispatch point.

The Pal-evator is ideal for all manual handling areas of palletising and depalletising goods. It can also be used for loading and unloading conveyor lines and is especially valuable in areas with no compressed air and power as well as food and pharmaceutical industries.

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