Pal-Evator is economical solution for pallet loading and unloading

Optimum Handling Solutions Pal-Evator scissor lift is an economical solution for a huge range of applications where maintenance of a comfortable working height is required when loading or unloading pallets.

The automatic height adjustment and the rotating turntable eliminate the bending and stretching that is normally encountered when stacking or unstacking pallets.

The simple spring scissor lift design of the Pal-Evator achieves serviceability with no power or air supply being required. Load capacities are quickly adjusted with the simple removal or re-insertion of the springs, which are colour coded for easy identification.

The Pal-Evator is easily relocatable with a forklift and is also available with an optional mobility kit.

The cost effectiveness of the Pal-Evator scissor lift makes it a viable solution for large load-out areas where multiple pallets are being stacked at one time.

The Pal-Evator scissor lifts are available in powder coated, galvanised or stainless steel construction.

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