Packaging company tilts plastic rolls

Company Profile:

Drypac specialises in the development of innovative and functional solutions for packaging across a range of industries.


Large rolls of plastic and urethane need to be tilted from upright to horizontal or vice versa depending on use or storage requirements.

The Problem:

The current means of tilting the rolls was by using the tips of the forklift tines. Using forklift tines caused damage (costly) to the product and was also a dangerous procedure as there was no control over the large roll which could roll across the floor unrestrained.

Product Chosen:

Safetech provided a 1,000kg capacity Tilter that safely tilts the roll through 90 degrees with a single press of a button.

Benefits of this Product:

  • Safe tilting of multiple roll sizes.
  • No damage to product.
  • Work now performed faster and with less effort, no risk of injury.
  • Can be used to position a roll on or off a pallet.


  • Continue to manually tilt the rolls. Not considered safe or efficient.
  • Install a crane with a roll gripper. More expensive and not practical for this application.