Pacific soars high with new EaglePro range

Australian and NZ companies now have access to the exclusive range of EaglePro hydraulic lifting equipment.

The versatile EaglePro range is unique to the Australasian market and is ideal for a wide variety of industrial and construction applications.

The equipment can be used for the lifting or maneuvering of large items, including bridge components, major construction, heavy machinery, road slabs, railway lines, shipbuilding and many manufacturing applications.

Pacific Hoists, a market leader in the lifting and materials handling industries, was appointed exclusive distributor for EaglePro hydraulic lifting equipment in Australia and NZ earlier this year.

Richard Crake, the chairman and CEO of Pacific Hoists signed the deal with Tongli Industrial Co Ltd and Government officials in China after two years’ negotiations.

Established in 1996, Tongli Industrial Co is one of China’s leading manufacturers and exporters of professional lifting equipment and industrial hydraulics.

The long-term agreement with China will be of great benefit to Pacific Hoists and its long list of clients, says Crake.

The EaglePro brand is fast growing and respected in Europe and the US and has already been well-received by Australian industry.

Pacific Hoists
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