Pacific Hoists heads in new direction


Pacific Hoists, leaders in lifting solutions, has entered a new era where innovative new technology and new product releases will be the main focus.

The company broke new ground in May this year when a new corporate identity was born
centering on a redesigned Pacific Hoists logo.

This logo now features fresh colors and an upwards open arrow which is firstly a reference to the lifting solutions Pacific Hoists offer and secondly translates the company’s way of thinking – outside the square and open to changes.

Another change and step into the new direction was announced more recently when the new Pacific Hoists website went live.

Besides a fresh new look, the site contains up-to-date product, industry and company information.

The easy navigation and live search facilities direct visitors through the website without wasting a single click.

Important new additions include:

  • Up 2 Date – posting the latest industry news, press releases and upcoming events
  • Industry Solutions which provides industry-related information including case studies, applications and extensive safety documentation.
  • Our Products pages – updated with new images, features, specifications and dimensions tables. A selection of products feature in 360° rotation images, which ensures that the product can be viewed from every angle. The Support section offers the option to download all product information sheets, case studies and other related documentation.
  • Live Chat – visitors can now receive immediate answers to their questions. With a simple click on the Start Chat button on the top left hand side of each page, a request is sent to the Customer Support team who will respond within minutes to all enquiries received.

“The refreshed Pacific Hoists corporate identity was the beginning of a new direction and the launch of our new website was the second step, with many more to follow, says Pacific Hoists CEO Richard Crake.

“The technologies we are using are new to our industry and we are proud to lead the way, he says. “By using iPads, iPhones and a state-of-the-art website, we have equipped our Sales and Customer Support teams with the ability to provide immediate product, price and service information to our distributors and end-users. We are very committed to further improve our business on a day to day basis and this is just the beginning of what we can do.”

The next step for Pacific Hoists is coming soon with the launch of Product Smart Codes, which will enable the user to quickly access product information and manuals through their smart phones where they can save it for future reference.

Pacific Hoists
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