PAC for compressor peace-of-mind


The release of the R-Series compressors by Compressed Air and Power Solutions (CAPS Australia) heralds a new era in excellence, innovation and peace-of-mind for compressed air equipment users.

The R-Series 90-160kW rotary screw air compressors, manufactured by Ingersoll Rand, offer the very best of time proven designs and technologies.

Coupled with these, the compressors have many advanced features that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity.

The R-Series compressors utilise Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC) to protect the equipment and prevent unnecessary or emergency shutdowns of production lines caused by extreme situations or maintenance oversights.

An integrated, intelligent system, PAC continually monitors key components and operating parameters and adjusts these to prevent unexpected downtime.

For example, on a variable speed unit, should the filtration system start to clog or foul, the PAC will immediately display a real time warning and maintenance indicator.

But unlike conventional compressor controls, should the situation deteriorate, the PAC will not shut down the compressor completely.

Instead, the PAC will reduce the airflow so as to not overload the compressor cooling system. This protects the equipment, whilst giving the end-user time to rectify the problem, and maintain production without shutdown. An exciting innovation that saves time and money.

The R-Series comes in four standard variants, designed to suit the load profile and duty required. The Fixed Speed version is available with single-stage or two-stage airend, giving up to 15 per cent improved efficiency.

For applications where there is significant variation in the air demand, the Variable Speed version is also available in single- and two-stage airend driven by the world-renowned Nirvana Hybrid Permanent Magnet motor.

Typically, a Nirvana motor can save up to 35 per cent in power costs. Incorporating a two-stage airend can potentially add a further 15 per cent saving.

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