OutFront Reversible Mat

Available from The General Mat Company is the Outfront Reversible Mat. Flip this Mat to accommodate all weather conditions! Ultimate performance for heavy traffic entryways also durable and functional on both sides!

Features and Benefits

  • OutFront Reversible Scraper redefines what an outdoor mat can do. Totally reversible, it's easily flipped over to accommodate all weather conditions.
  • One side features rows of flexible scrapers alternating with quick-dry drainage ports for a "brush and release" effect.
  • The other side features clusters of stiff ridges designed to scrape heavier debris and packed snow off outsoles.
  • OutFront is 11mm thick with an evenly tapered border on all four sides. It's 900mm x 1800mm to accommodate a single, or double entryway.

Mat Specifications

For use in heavy traffic Outside Entrances
Compound: SBR/Natural Rubber
Flammability: "A" Rating per MVSS 302
Warranty: 1 year, conditional
Colour: Black

Mat Stock Sizes*

900mm x 1800mm
(* Sizes are approximate only.)