Orwak launches new high capacity baler


Orwak’s most recent addition to the baler assortment is Orwak 3605 – a new player in the high end of the capacity range.

The Orwak 3605 joins the Orwak 3610 model – its largest and strongest baler released last year.

The two models 3605 and 3610 are ready to take on the most demanding assignments in the supermarket, industry and warehouse and logistic centre segments.

Both balers have the same generous loading aperture and a press force of 46 tonne. They are designed to efficiently take care of large volumes of packaging material.

Cardboard boxes and wrappings are reduced by up to 10:1, as they are
firmly compacted into high-density bales.

The models 3605 and 3610 share many of the same features.

For efficient and convenient material handling they are equipped with autostart and a sliding door that opens automatically after each cycle. The door is open and the machine is ready for more material, as soon as the operator approaches it again with armfuls of packaging material.

Orwak 3605 and 3610 are suitable for environments where large amounts of waste are generated or where the baler is operated intensely during a specific time of the day.

Orwak 3605 and 3610 are typically cardboard balers, but with a switch it is easy to change the setting from high pressure “HP” for cardboard to low pressure “LP” for plastic foil. In the HP mode they powerfully strike and flatten a pile a cardboard, while the low 12.6- ton-press force is ideal to - with a lasting result – compact voluminous waste like
soft plastic.

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