Optimum PALWRAP generates film savings


PALWRAP from Optimum Handling Solutions has generated very significant pallet wrapping savings at a large meat processing plant.

The plant had been using a heavier grade pallet film when wrapping up to 300 pallets of finished product per day.

Implementation of Optimum Handling Solutions PALWRAP film in 20um grade means that there is now more meterage of film on the roll than with the previous product and with the 20um having strength to secure the pallets. More pallets can be wrapped before a new roll has to be installed on the pallet wrapping machine.

Each roll is supplied individually packaged for ease of storage and protection of the roll.

Optimum Handling Solutions PALWRAP cast pallet wrapping film is a super clear film with high cling, very high puncture resistance and can be stretched up to 300%.

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