Optimum Handling Solutions Pallet Dispenser cuts downtime in load out areas

Optimum Handling Solutions Pallet Dispenser is the ideal solution for high pallet usage requirements in load out areas in industries such as abattoirs, food processing plants and other areas where pallets are constantly needed.

Rather than load-out personnel having to wait for a forklift to bring a new pallet every few minutes, any of the staff can get a new pallet out of the Pallet Dispenser using only a hand pallet truck.

The Pallet Dispenser is loaded by a forklift operator who places up to 25 pallets into the Pallet Dispenser. The Pallet Dispenser then ejects a new pallet every time the previous one is removed. The load out area can operate more efficiently as down time is reduced & physical handling of empty pallets is eliminated.

Optimum Handling Solutions Pallet Dispensers can also be used for pallet accumulation.
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