Optimum’s pallet inverter is a real time saver

Optimum Handling Solutions, a specialist manufacturer of materials handling equipment, recently installed a pallet inverter at a large transport and logistics company.

The pallet inverter is primarily used to transfer product from damaged pallets onto acceptable pallets.

With the increasing number of automatic pallet control systems being implemented in distribution centres, more pallets that are not completely up to standard are being rejected.

The logistics operator can quickly invert the whole pallet load onto a new pallet, with the pallet inverter having a cycle time of about 30sec.

The reject pallets are quickly and simply collated in a pallet accumulator ready for freighting back to the pallet supplier. (The pallet accumulator can also be used as a pallet dispenser). This system enables clients to overcome this materials handling issue with ease.

Optimum Handling Solutions pallet inverters can be manufactured to suit specific pallet footprints and heights.

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