Optimum’s new pallet dispenser reduces downtime

Optimum Handling Solutions has installed and commissioned a pallet dispenser at a coatings manufacturer that has resulted in a substantial reduction in downtime of load-out staff.

Previously, packaging staff had to wait for a forklift operator to bring an empty pallet each time a loaded pallet was completed.

Optimum Handling Solutions pallet dispenser allows any of the load-out personnel to get an empty pallet from the pallet dispenser using a hand pallet truck.

The 25 pallet magazine stack is replenished by the forklift operator every 40 minutes rather than the previous problem of forklift activity in the packing vicinity. The new system has resulted in increased personnel safety.

The pallet dispenser automatically lifts the pallet stack up, releasing the bottom pallet for removal from either the front or rear of the pallet dispenser.

The compact design of the pallet dispenser ensures a small footprint, only slightly larger than the footprint of a standard pallet.

The Optimum Handling Solutions Pallet dispenser can be customised to special pallet sizes and pallet stack quantities.

Optimum Handling Solutions also manufacture double pallet dispensers.

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