Optimal High Density Workholding Family

KURT Manufacturing's (represented by DoAll Australia) new HD double vice, back-to-back tombstone and tower models provide a compact and efficient workholding family for fast part-to-part machining time.

The double station model has just 13.75" length and 6" width with clamping power up to 7800 lbs of force repeatable to .001 inch.

Featuring two clamping stations with machinable jaws, the HD's compact design makes possible maximum density workholding across the full range of today’s machining centres.

The HD CarvLock manual tower model is just 16.875 inches high and comes on 300, 400, 500 or 630mm bases. The back-to-back vises have similar height and also come on 300, 400, 500 or 630mm bases.

The small footprints for both models reduce spindle travel, part to part, maximising throughput without compromising holding accuracy.

Featuring durable 80,000psi ductile iron tombstone towers and vice bodies, the HD design provides rugged strength, extra rigidity and long-term accuracy while absorbing machining vibration.

Equipped with machinable, quick-change Anglock jaws in either aluminum or cast iron, the vices, towers and tombstones have enclosed bodies to keep out chips and contaminants, making cleanup fast and easy.

They are available in manual and hydraulic actuation.