Open days at Spitwater

Manufacturer welcomes its national dealership team

Spitwater Australia, a leading manufacturer of high pressure cleaners and industrial space heaters, has hosted the largest gathering of its dealers at the company’s factory in Albury, in southwest NSW.

Spitwater Australia produces the majority of its own components using modern, sophisticated machinery and technologically advanced processes.

Spitwater engages technical and manufacturing specialists with engineering degrees to oversee development and production.

And a large number of its key staff – at management level and on the factory floor – have more than 10 years’ experience with the company.

The company’s 15,000sqm factory was the venue for the national gathering of its Australia wide dealer network, starting with Queensland and Victorian dealers late last year and concluding with NT, SA and NSW dealers in February.

About 100 Spitwater dealers were given a complete tour of the modern, working, Spitwater factory. They had a first hand look at the manufacturing process that begins, literally, with a sheet of steel and a brass rod and concludes with a batch of completed pressure cleaners or heaters being packaged for shipment, after each one has been individually tested.

The dealers also saw the company’s large stocks of Interpump and Pratissoli pumps, Honda petrol engines, Kubota and Lombardini Diesel engines, European electric motors and other production components – illustrating the company’s strong commitment to
manufacturing in Australia.

The visitors watched as a sheet of steel was cut into components automatically on Spitwater’s $1m Trumpf TruMatic Laser/Turret Punching machine.

Spitwater Australia bought the hi-tech equipment recently as part of its commitment to quality manufacturing.

The machine, which took expert factory trained technicians one month to install, fully optimises material usage, sorts and delivers large cut components onto neat stacks, and smaller items into delivery bins as they are produced. It can cut and punch a sheet of steel up to 8mm thick.

Another machine that caught the dealers’ eyes was the state-of-the-art pipe bender, a simple yet sophisticated machine that ensures absolute consistency of components that
require bending.

The dealers were also treated to a demonstration of a Robotic Welder used mainly for the production of bases for high pressure cleaners, ensuring maximum consistency and quality.

A heating coil, used in Spitwater hot/cold pressure cleaner models, was also on show.

This was being expertly manufactured by an experienced company tradesmen, from a 47m, 3/8” diameter, seamless mild steel pipe – a unique feature of these tough Australian made products.

The dealers were given expert commentary about various production processes, including the company’s semi-automatic natural gas powder-coating plant, another recent investment in capital equipment designed to ensure consistency and high quality.

Many of the dealers were surprised to learn that Spitwater produces most of its own brass fittings, made from bulk brass rod of various sizes by two automatic CNC lathes that operate around the clock.

Spitwater stocks more than 20 tonnes of brass every day in order to meet production.

The dealers followed the production process, inspecting first hand assembly on the three different lines. They were given a demonstration of how each of the pressure cleaners and heaters produced is tested and the criteria used to ensure the high level of quality demanded by today’s discerning buyer. The tour included discussions with the company’s Division Managers and General Manager, who answered questions on all aspects of machine development, production and testing.

The February visit was held over two days with the first day occupied by the factory tour and presentations by Spitwater’s strategic partners, Honda and Kubota.

Spitwater sales staff conducted product demonstrations on the second day. Dealers were given an opportunity to use various machines, including a variety of high pressure cleaners and large industrial vacuum cleaners.

The visit was not all business.

Dealers also attended a gala dinner, relaxing with some good food and great company.

John Rose, founder of World’s Best Products, was guest speaker. Apart from entertaining guests with a repertoire of wonderful jokes, John delivered a poignant message regarding long term survival of the pressure cleaner sales industry in Australia and future challenges.

According to the company, the dealer visits have further consolidated Spitwater’s position as an Australian market leader for manufacturing, sales and service of high
pressure cleaners and industrial space heaters.

Spitwater Australia has been building its strong company ethos and skilled workforce
since 1982.

With a stronger than ever Australia-wide dealer network, its future certainly looks bright.

Spitwater Australia