Oil Eater Now Available From The General Mat Company

  • The Oil Eater is the environmentally friendly, fire retardant solution for all types of oil, paint and chemical spills.
  • With an international patent on its fire retardant propensity, it will simply soak up all hydrocarbons, oils, paints, lubricants and chemicals whilst maintaining its non slip and anti skid capabilities.
  • User friendly in wet or dry conditions it complies with Health and Safety, Work Safe and Environmental Protection Authority regulations.
  • Can be used on any surface and will not leach.
  • This naturally occurring biodegradable substance is available within a unique and comprehensive range of cost effective packages and kits for all your Emergency Spill Response Management needs.
  • Manufactured from the husk of the coconut, this biodegradable coir substance is easily disposable and truly amazing.

Mat Specifications

Uses: Soaks up all types of oil, paint and chemical spills
Compound: Biodegradable coir substance
Absorption: Absorbs hydrocarbons, oil, paint, lubricants and chemicals
Composition: Husk of the coconut

Stock Sizes

5 litre bag
60 litre bag