Oil Eater has a keen appetite for spills

The General Mat Company has launched an innovative new Spill Control Product – the Oil Eater.

Oil Eater is an environmentally friendly, fire retardant solution for all types of oil, paint and chemical spills.

With an international patent on its fire retardant propensity, it will simply soak up hydrocarbons, oils, paints, lubricants and chemicals, while maintaining its non slip and anti skid capabilities.

User friendly in wet or dry conditions it complies with Health and Safety, Work Safe and Environmental Protection Authority regulations.

It can be used on any surface and will not leach.

Manufactured from the husk of the coconut, this biodegradable coir substance can be easily disposed.

Oil Eater is available in 5L or 60L bags.

The General Mat Company
Ph: 1800 625 388