Oil drain bench for safe filter inspection

Industrial safety product specialist Actisafe, a Defence Recognised Supplier, has developed a work bench able to capture and contain messy or harmful lubricant (and other fluids) when opening engine filters used in mining, quarries, earthmoving and construction equipment.

The Actiwork Oil Drain Bench is made of heavy duty steel and is designed so that below its work surface there is a reservoir into which flows any oil, chemicals and particulates that escape when a filter is broken open.

The Actiwork Oil Drain Bench reservoir can be custom made to hold any amount of fluid the task demands

Most engine and lubricant filters are periodically broken open so that the filtration media can be examined for presence of particulates and other unwanted matter.

A 200 litre reservoir tank is considered a standard size for this product, so depending on the dimensions of the frame it is feasible to have a capture tank well in excess of this capacity.

Actiwork Oil Drain can be manufactured to any fixed height; it can even have a height-adjustment mechanism implemented for fast adaptability.

Any oil or other fluid captured in the tank is easily and safely removed through a sump hole for simple transfer and removal. Actiwork

Oil Drain Bench can be powder coated in any colour sought by the user.

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