O J Holdings introduces the CubiCal C8000

How do you measure your freight?

The CubiCal™ C8000 marks the beginning of a new generation in cubic weight calculation devices and mobile cubing systems.

The CubiCal™ C8000 incorporates the latest in wireless technologies to deliver the ultimate in mobility and efficiency.

It is a parcel, pallet, and product dimensioner and cubing system that accurately determines the cubic weight of an item and synchronizes this with a fully integrated software package. This reduces the time taken to process items and maximizing profits.

In a single handheld device, it combines the functions of a tape measure, barcode scanner and a calculator, delivering speed and accuracy in volume calculation and subsequent dimensional weight calculation, from the linear dimensions captured.

Also, the CubiCal™ communicates data to peripheral devices and shipping and manifest systems in real-time, allowing cubing and dimensional weight gathering to become an integral and essential part of a modern and efficient distribution or freight system.

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