Now there’s a better, cheaper, faster way to produce prototypes


Many product designers and engineers who are researching additive RP systems as a better way to test form, fit and function of their prototypes may be unaware there is a better, cheaper, faster solution.

Roland subtractive RP systems (SRP) produce form models faster than any 3D printer on the market and easier than any other CNC mill on the market.

That’s because Roland offers a complete software/hardware solution that combines the ease of use of 3D printers with the benefits of CNC-machined parts.

The key advantages of SRP over 3D printers include:

  • SRP provides a wide choice of materials, smooth surface finish, tight tolerances and a low cost of ownership
  • All Roland products come complete with bundled CAM software. No G-Code programming required
  • Products include a comprehensive parts/labor warranty
  • Mills use industry standard tooling

Also, Roland MDX SRP Mills deliver the exact precision required. By contrast, additive systems lay down material in layers and the tolerances are limited by the thickness of these layers.

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