Non-Hydraulic Pallet Inverter

King Materials Handling has released the King pallet inverter. It has no hydraulic oil to leak from seals or joints, no burst hoses, no hydraulic power pack, no variations in clamping pressure, no hoses to kink and vibrate during rotation, no mechanical link arms to wear, and no extra cabling.

It uses SEW motors, gearboxes and controllers because they are available around the world over with good spares support. A fully re-programmable plc coordinates all the rotation, clamping, low voltage controls, failsafe switching functions, reset and emergency stop sequencing.

Pressure pads on both movable clamp decks ensure the load is never crushed. Because both decks move the load to the centre the load weight is equally distributed around the large-diameter, high-precision rotator.

King offers a variety of protection systems from full surround 2m-high fences with gates, to 3/4 surround fences with light curtains up to category 4 self diagnosing/auto shut down fail safe across the front entrance. An infrared remote control for fork lift operators is also offered.

By inverting the product onto a plastic in house pallet companies can inspect the load properly and return the wooden hire pallet quickly, saving on pallet hire fees. The goods are then ready for use in production, coming from a clean in house pallet.

With automated storage facilities a loose board coming adrift can cause expensive downtime. By inspecting the pallets beforehand, the suspect pallets can be replaced quickly by inverting the load. The load on the new pallet can be fed into the system, while the old pallets are piled up, ready to be repaired.

Free flowing products like sugar in bags present a problem when the bottom layer becomes damaged. Product flows out quickly, and when a sufficient amount is lost, the whole stack takes on a lop sided tilt. By inverting the load, the offending bags can be removed and replaced and the stack is restored.

When product is lost from the base layer of a stacked pallet, it is far quicker, cheaper and safer to invert the load and remove or repair the offending carton or bag, than it is to fix the problem using manual labour.